ARC Crisis Assessment & Support Team (CAST) Referral

As part of American River College’s behavioral intervention team, the Crisis Assessment and Support Team (The CAST) addresses behaviors that raise concern for the health and safety of individuals and the community through a social justice framework of assistance, prevention, proactive support, and empowerment for student success.

Please help The CAST to address the college’s responsibility to support health and wellness by reporting your concern with as much detail as possible.

Part I - Reported By

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If you are an ARC employee, please provide your title and/or position


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Part II - Person of Concern

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Please type any additional details about the location of this referral.

(Examples of behaviors observed: disturbing writings, unusual change in academic performance)

(Examples: harassment, disruptive behavior, destructive behavior, homicidal threats, stalking, assault, cyber bullying, carrying weapons)

(Examples of behaviors observed: distressed, inappropriate boundaries, isolation, irritability, self-injurious behavior, alcohol/substance abuse, suicidal ideation/intent, hygiene issues)


If other individuals were also involved with this report (excluding yourself), please list their information in the fields provided:

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Part III - Incident Details

CAUTION: Please share only facts and observations. Avoid any terminology or phrases that could be considered diagnostic in nature.
Bad Example: "This student is crazy and is obviously suffering from some mental illness."
Good Example: "After I returned the graded test, the student raised their voice and begin shouting profanity at the other students and myself. He stated that he was very angry and frustrated."


Please provide as much detail as possible in regards to the behavior(s) that prompted your concern. These reports are reviewed by members of The CAST (500 words max)